#DerbyStrong Daily Cross Train Challenge: Cardio Wild Card

Today’s challenge is cardio, baby! Do at least 10 minutes of any heart-pumping activity. It’s not just jammers that need endurance, blockers need to move lightning fast to catch those jammers and even to get with your team to wall up. You can’t “get to the front” quickly if you’re all winded!

Choose whatever suits your fancy. Here’s some suggestions:

- Jogging or biking

- Swimming

- Outdoor roller skating!

- Twerking

- Or this cardio routine:


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#DerbyStrong: Daily cross-training challenges

For the past week or so I’ve been challenging my teammates to do a wee bit of cross-training each day. They’re do-able for a range of fitness levels & even the busiest of derby gals. Follow me on Twitter @Liz_i_iz for the daily challenges & feel free to give me feedback and suggestions!

Today’s challenge: Diamond Push-Ups

Do 15 and make sure to keep proper form throughout (don’t dip your bum too low or have it too high in the air)


BONUS ROUND: Try 6 of these uber-challenging Spider Man Push-Ups!

It works your chest, abs, obliques, butt and hips.